These terms are legally binding and the services offered.


Full payment is required before any  work on your Resume begins. The products and/or services you purchase  from Pick Rob Enterprises are conceived, designed, and customized for  you. As such, they are considered a set of creative products and  services. By remitting payment, you acknowledge and accept our Terms  & Conditions in their entirety.

Once you  have paid for your services, set an online appointment, and or have received  your resume there will be no refunds. You acknowledge that our time  spent reviewing initial documents, and / or preparing  and / or  communicating with you, and / or preparing resumes and other documents,  and / or providing all other products and services, is compensable

You must review all career  documents and notify us of any needed corrections within 3 days of the  date draft copy was e-mailed to you. A maximum of 3 revisions will be  made at no additional cost. If you wish to make revisions thereafter,  you will be charged at a rate of $40. 
If you  aren't happy with how we worded, wrote your resume please email us what  you would like to have included and or in place of,changed so that we  can make the necessary adjustments



Clients are asked  to check carefully for accuracy and completeness.You are responsible  for career documents' completeness and accuracy, and for proofreading.We  are not responsible for errors which are missed during the  “proofreading” process. Additionally, we assume all information supplied  by our clients to be truthful. Therefore, we do not verify education,  training, employment, etc


Electronic Files & Copies: 
We  provide your career documents in Microsoft Word format via email or  fax. We cannot otherwise guarantee the compatibility of files with your  systems or that documents will retain their original formatting  features.

Although Pick Rob Enterprises performs backups to the industry standard to ensure user data is safe,
Pick Rob Enterprises is not responsible for lost User data, content, or information after 72 hours of you receiving your final resume.

We cannot guarantee that clients will land a new job or promotion as a result of investing in our services.
Job interviews and subsequent hires are solely at the discretion of the employer.
A resume (or other career document) is only one component of the job-search process