Resume Writing Tips

Interviewing Tips


Post Your Resume onto Job Boards.

With  job boards, companies have specifically listed their open positions and  often accept job applications directly on the job board.

When  job searching, it's important to use both job boards and job search  engines, and a variety of sites, because no single site searches all job  boards or employer sites.

 Create Job Alerts! 

What is Job Alert? Job Alert is a very simple email job notification system. When You create a profile you get emailed links to jobs that match your profile. Save yourself time by using Job Alert to feed you relevant jobs automatically. Never miss that great job because you didn’t search when it was posted!

Updating My Resume. 

How often should I update my resume submissions to the boards? The way the system works dictates frequent updates. Recruiters are trained to search only for candidates who had posted in the past 24 hours first (and they always find several) then work their way back to a week." Some experts suggest as often as daily or even, refreshing your resume weekly "will pop you to the top of the list of 'fresh' resumes."

Interviewing Tips:

Research the industry and company.
Clarify your "selling points" and the reasons you want the job.
Anticipate the interviewer's concerns and reservations.
Prepare for common interview questions.
Line up your questions for the interviewer.
Score a success in the first five minutes.
Get on the same side as the interviewer.
Think positive.
 Bring a copy of your resume to every interview.
Make the most of the "Tell me about yourself" question.
Speak the right body language.
Send thank-you notes. 




More Tips! 

If your resume is scanned electronically by a potential  employer, the computer scanner will pick up on these keywords.Electronic  resume scanners are programmed to look for key terms in your  resume.Without them,your resume could be discarded.

More  and more companies are relying on technology to weed out job applicants  at the initial stage of the hiring process – using software that scans  and screens resumes in what has become a Multi-Billion dollar industry.

Applicant tracking systems are a boon for overloaded human resource departments at large companies, but can be a hazard for job hunters who don’t know how to tailor their resumes to ensure they aren’t tossed out of the applicant pool.

In general, the software will scan information and download it into a database. It looks through for certain keywords or phrases set by the employer—things like years of experience in a field or particular skills. Then, it grades, ranks or screens the resumes, so recruiters only spend time on the best fits. The more advanced the tracking system, the better it can parse what you’ve written.But, if your resume has the wrong format or lacks the specific keywords an employer has entered, your application might never make it to a real person.
 Stay in touch with your classmates, professionals, and other  people you've met in college, they can be excellent resources for you  down the road. 
Attend local organizations' chapter meetings as a guest, see if it's of value for you and if it is, join! 
 The cover letter is a great place to explain employment gaps.   If  you were laid off, say so.  A lot of candidates have gaps in their  employment, especially with the recent Great Recession. 
 While this is very common, you should fill the gap if possible.   Did you volunteer or go back to school? Were you a stay at home  mom/dad?  Did you care for an ill family member? It is better to list  these things on your resume than have a 1 year+ gap. 
 Though a good resume may not always get you a job, a bad one  will certainly keep you out of the race. Since your resume usually  represents the first contact you will have with potential employers, it  must be well thought out and carefully prepared. The main function of a  resume is to get you an interview. Any good resume should summarize what  you have already achieved through education and/or work experience and  what you can contribute to your prospective employer. Never assume that  the people reading your resume know anything about you; it's up to you  to tell them what you have to offer. 

Resume Writing Tips:

A  professionally written resume can dramatically increase your exposure  and positive response rates. Our expert writers will determine what  information is essential and help you to market your accomplishments.
Take  the guess work out of resume writing and let our professional resume  writers make a resume for you that speaks to your qualifications and  core competencies. All of our resumes are written from scratch not using  a resume writing template, or softwar

Resumes are customized and tailor-made to your respective work experience. Our resumes showcase and highlight an individual’s talents, giving them a competitive advantage amongst their peers in their job search.  A professionally written resume and cover letter is perhaps the most important factor in your search for employment. Whether you are unemployed, or seeking new employment, our tailor-made resumes and cover letters have proven to be a highly powerful tool, and extremely successful. An unprofessional resume and cover letter lacks appeal, and will dramatically undersell your credentials. We work with clients to learn about their professional history, and understand their career goals going forward. Armed with this information, we are able to create an innovative and sophisticated resume and cover letter for you. Our demonstrated history of success, makes us an industry leader in the resume and cover letter business. Let us help you resume your career, and pick up where you left off.   
An  ex-offender may need special assistance with resume details and  relaunching a career after a prison stay. Getting a job as an  ex-offender may prove to be a challenge, but there are several ways that  you can find help.
Avoid the chronological format: The reverse  chronological resume format is not your friend. This format, with its  ordering of employers and dates, tends to point up the two major  weaknesses of ex-offenders — limited work experience and major  employment time gaps. Instead, choose a functional resume format or  hybrid resume (combination) format that emphasizes your qualifications  as they relate to the job you seek — skills, competencies. and personal  qualities. 

Present your prison experience in non prison  terms: If you acquired education, training, and work experience in  prison, be careful how you list that experience on your resume. Instead  of saying that you worked at “Kentucky State Prison,” say you worked for  the “State of Kentucky.” Both statements are truthful, but the first  statement immediately raises a red flag that can prematurely screen you  out before you get an interview.